Slitting and rewinding

Spreading is the process by which we prepare for work the foils in the sizes necessary for our clients (according to kg, dm or footage). The operation is often a necessary step in the process of preparation for printing and confection according to the machines that perform them, or after printing, when the foil must be adjusted to the size of the packaging machines that will be used in confectioning by the customer.


We use modern technology for letterpress printing, allowing excellent print quality, and our alcohol-based inks ensure its resistance to various polymer films (BOPP, LDPE, PAPE, PET).
Our eight-color flexographic printing machines are easily suitable for both short and long runs, which makes us a suitable partner for small and medium-sized businesses according to the needs of each of them.


Different types of foil have different properties (elasticity, air permeability, moisture, etc.). In order to achieve maximum protection of the product from all influences that would adversely affect its qualities and its commercial appearance, it is necessary to solder or so-called. lamination of such a set of materials that would constitute a sufficiently secure barrier to protect the contents of the package from environmental factors.

In the lamination process can be laminated 2 - 4 identical or different types of foils - BOPP (incl. And metallized) LDPE, PAPE, PET (incl. Metallized), aluminum, etc., and you can count on us for more information on the correct selection of materials.
Undoubtedly, adhesives are the other important element in lamination. It is important to note that the adhesives we use are solventless, which means that there is no retention of alcohol between the layers of the film, the migration of which affects the properties of the product.


Confection is the transformation of laminated and printed foil into a finished package ready for distribution. We have an extremely wide variety of options for confection, as a detailed but inexhaustible list of ideas that we can implement in the implementation of your project, you can find in PRODUCTS page.

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