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The first 5 steps at each start

We know that every beginning is difficult, so in this article we at DIKOV PRINT would like to offer you 5 steps, the implementation of which will greatly facilitate the process of preparation of each package. It's time for action, here they are:


Step № 1


It is important to know what you are packing. Before placing your order you need to know the exact parameters of the package and its contents (volume, weight). You also need to be well informed about the specific properties of packaged products.


Example 1: It is possible for the product to become greasy, lumpy or powdery. Although these are natural processes that do not affect the quality of the packaged product in any way, they can damage the good commercial appearance and affect your sales. With timely consideration of these specifics, side effects can be avoided.


Example 2: The product may require a specific storage environment so that its contact with air or moisture is limited. This can be achieved with the right selection of packaging materials.


Step № 2


How will you pack? The answer to this question predetermines not only whether we will produce the packaging for you until it is finished (ie whether we will make it), or whether we will prepare the foil for machine packaging, but it would also prevent incompatibilities between the packaging machine and the finished product. at a very late moment.


Example: It is possible that the photo stamp of the machine is permanently positioned, not subject to movement, which determines the position of the benchmark when printing; the direction of winding is also important, is there a date mark, lot number, etc., what should be the width of the foil; It is also important whether the finished package will have an easy open, whether the way of sealing is AA or AB, as well as what is the maximum diameter of the outgoing foils / kg.


Step № 3


Do you have a ready design of the desired packaging? If your answer is yes, please note that you need to send us the final file in the extension ".AI", ".PDF" or ".CDR", and it is necessary that the text is converted into curves. Otherwise, it may need to be further processed. If you are still hesitant and looking for professional help in building the design - we can help you.


Step № 4


Do you plan to have additional elements such as a zipper, flap, Euro opening, punched handle, etc.? Depending on the specifics of the film, the nature of the product and the intended method of sale and distribution, many combinations are possible, and you can count on our team for recommendations and advice on the most suitable set of features for you.

Step № 5


What is your desired circulation? It is important to keep in mind that the circulation affects the required amount of materials and the estimated time for their delivery, the final price for the production of packaging, as well as the fact that in some cases we may have ready stock in our online store. 

Important! You should also know that all job applications are made in written form by sending the final file for printing or clichés. Orders (excluding inquiries for ready-to-sell items) by phone are not accepted!

In conclusion, we would like you to know that our team is available for any questions. You can count on us for a flawless implementation of your project, as well as for professional advice, guidance or an idea for innovation. We wish you a flying start!

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The first 5 steps at each start

We know that every beginning is difficult, so in this article we at DIKOV PRINT would like to offer you 5 steps, the implementation of which will significantly

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